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Chrono Trigger’s Millennial Fair recreated in Unreal 4

by Ron Duwell | November 30, 2015November 30, 2015 8:00 pm PST

It doesn’t get more generic than a bright-eyed youth waking from a nap to get a good ol’ fashioned JRPG adventure in gear, but that’s just how one of the genre’s most iconic games opens. A call from your mother, a request of an errand, and a trip to the Millennial Fair sends Crono and his friends on an epic quest throughout time.

This is where it all gets started. Where you win silver points to bet on races and score prizes. Where you battle the rapping robot Gato. Where you bump into the mysterious Marle, help a little girl find her kitten, DON’T steal the man’s chicken sandwich, and eventually create a time rip sending you 400 years into the past. So much to do, so many bright and wonderful colors. It’s about as iconic and mood-setting as an opening scene gets.

Of course, there will never be anything as impressive as Chrono Trigger’s original 16-bit rendering, but many fans have called for remakes, remasters, and sequels to the beloved classic over the years. YouTuber and artist praetus has a pretty impressive idea on how such a remake could look if it were ever given the Unreal Engine 4 treatment. It’s a gorgeous attempt and one of the absolute best ever done, no doubt, but as with most 16-bit games, something just feels lost in the translation to HD 3D.

Is it the stiffness of it all, the timeless aesthetic of 16-bit sprites, or just my memories rejecting something new?

No matter what you think, Chrono Trigger still inspires fans around the world to this very day, the mark of a classic which can still be fondly recalled 20 years later. I have too many classic favorites I want to go back and play recently, but Chrono Trigger is always among the most likely since it rarely leaves my Nintendo 3DS.

This scene is only making it that much harder to resist.

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