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The Steam fall sale for 2015 is now live! Flash Deals and Daily Sales are gone

by Joey Davidson | November 25, 2015November 25, 2015 10:09 am PDT

Steam Exploration Sale

The latest Steam sale is upon us. This time, things are a bit different.

First of all, this one is being dubbed the Exploration Sale, where gamers are invited to “discover thousands of great deals throughout Steam.” Gone is the autumn mood, and in its place is an underwater theme with wreckage and whale sharks.

Steam features 196 titles in its catalog on sale. That’s a good number, though the “thousands of great deals” probably includes the various bundles and DLC on sale within these 196 titles.

Now, if you’re a veteran at Steam sales, you’ll also notice that two features are missing. Flash Deals and the changing Daily Sales are gone. Instead, all games will be on sale from the beginnig until the end of the sale at their lowest price points. No watching and waiting on this one. Just cruise through, buy what you want and move on.

The Exploration Sale is on now, and it ends on December 1, 2015 at 10am PT.

Joey Davidson

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