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Pebble finally adds text message replies for iOS… sort of

by Jacob Kleinman | November 24, 2015November 24, 2015 2:00 pm PST

Pebble is finally adding an iOS feature that Apple Watch owners already take for granted. Moving forward you’ll finally be able to reply to a text message from your Pebble watch, though not everyone will be able to try the new feature at first.

First of all, iOS text message replies are only available if you’re using AT&T. You also need a newer Pebble model, which includes the Time, Time Steel and Time Round, but not the original Pebble Classic or Pebble Steel. If you meet all those qualifications you should be fine.

Setup is also a little complicated. First make sure you’re running version 3.4 or higher of the Pebble Time iPhone app. Then update your smartwatch’s firmware to at least version 3.7. Finally, open the Pebble Time app on your phone, head into settings, pick Actionable Notifications and turn on Text Replies.

Once all that’s all done you’re good to go. The next time you get a new text message you can reply with a voice command or pick from a list of pre-installed answers.

This is a pretty great update for Pebble owners, though it’s crazy we’ve had to wait so long for the ability to respond to a text message from our smartwatch. Limiting the new service to AT&T is also pretty annoying, but hopefully it will expand to other carriers before too long.


Jacob Kleinman

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