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Lightning Returns… for her Dissidia Final Fantasy character trailer

by Ron Duwell | November 24, 2015November 24, 2015 11:30 am PDT

Love her or hate her, Lightning has become quite the star of the Final Fantasy realm. She appears in every promotion, is plastered all over merchandise, and even stars in each spin-off game that Square Enix cranks out.

Hey, Square Enix! If you love her so much, why don’t you marry her?! Oh wait… you probably already did.

Lightning further cements my main concern with Dissidia Final Fantasy, and that’s that almost every single character fits the same mold: a sword-swinging warrior with a few distant magic attacks. Most of the hero trailers, like with Cloud, Squall, Vaan, Titus and Zidane, all have the same issue. Where is the diversity in movesets? Will most of this roster play the same?

Bartz is a master of everything, thank goodness, and both Terra and Shantotto are range-based mages, but a large majority of these characters haven’t really shown how they set themselves apart yet.

Just two days to go until Dissidia Final Fantasy launches in Japanese arcades. We’ll find out then how these Final Fantasy heroes carve a name for themselves. I’m still sticking with Bartz as my main by the way, unless Ramza is really something special.


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