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Amazon’s Top Secret “Aerosmith” project detailed, said to challenge cargo biz

by Jacob Kleinman | November 24, 2015November 24, 2015 6:00 pm PDT


Amazon may one day deliver packages directly to your house by drone. In the meantime, the company has to rely on cargo giants like FedEx to get its packages to your door. That may soon change.

According to Motherboard, Amazon recently launched its own cargo shipping operation through a holding company called Air Transport Services Group. The project, which is based out of a non-passenger airport in Ohio, is apparently referred to as “Aerosmith” internally.

Aerosmith began making moves back in September when it acquired four commercial airplanes to make four flights per day. The planes currently travel to four different airports in Allentown, PA; Ontario, CA; Tampa, FL and Oakland, CA. Amazon also happens to have distribution centers located within 60 miles of each location.

Motherboard was also able to confirm that the planes were shipping consumer goods, and that none of the major shipping companies are involved in this new operation. One technician who works at the Ohio airport in question told the site that he’s pretty confident Amazon is behind this project, though he’s not willing to rule out other possibilities either.

Of course, Amazon won’t be able to compete with established shipping companies overnight. FedEx boasts a fleet of 647 planes compared to Aerosmith’s four. Still, it might not be too long before the retail giant is delivering packages straight to your door and cutting out the middle man entirely.

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