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Massive Mass Effect: Andromeda leak spills the intergalactic beans

by Ron Duwell | November 23, 2015November 23, 2015 6:00 am PDT

EA has kept the lid on tight for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and fans are desperate to see what it and BioWare have in store next for the popular sci-fi RPG series. Modders over at the Mass Effect Reddit page currently have the perfect outlet for those who want to believe anything at this point: a huge info dump!

The information comes from an alleged inside source, and all of the tidbits have been compiled in a single video, seen above. Here is Reddit’s rundown of what the video contains.

  • 2 Squad mates as before, a human blonde and a krogan mentioned
  • All squad mates have jetpacks which come into play in exploration
  • Omnitool has more functionality, for example a combat shield
  • Greater detail in character facial features and models
  • Destructible covers (Yay Frostbite!)
  • Completely different ship (I take it as a step away from the frigate sized ship that we saw in Normandy and towards a larger ship, perhaps the one seen here )
  • Hints at Mako customization
  • ‘Pathfinder quarters’ section in the ship
  • Main character is referred to as ‘the pathfinder’
  • Story revolves around finding a new home for humanity and other races
  • New ship travel system (Instead of the old galaxy map) where you manually fly the ship
  • Enemies (the main opposing force I assume) are bipedal cross between Vorcha and Collectors
  • The (non-human) enemies drop into combat from Cerberus ships (I would assume a placeholder, but if it’s not then it gets interesting)
  • One of the antagonists is a human soldier with armor similar to yours but without N7 insignia

Man, how much longer until E3 2016? I desire more! Keep in mind that none of this could end up being true, and neither EA nor BioWare have confirmed anything yet. Treat this entire leak as mere speculation for now.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC supposedly in the holiday season 2016.

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