Drone Sale: Enjoy better aerial agility with 34% off the six-bladed SKEYE Hexa Drone

by TechnoBuffalo | November 23, 2015

Most professional drones have more than four blades for better stability and more lift. The six-rotor SKEYE Hexa enjoys all the same attributes, with beginner-friendly controls, for just $45 shipped via TechnoBuffalo Deals. Enjoy another 15% off with coupon code: DRONE15.

The palm-sized Hexa comes ready to fly, with gyroscopic stabilization on board and three levels of control sensitivity. The most forgiving of these settings is ideal for beginners, while experienced pilots can opt for greater sensitivity, which gets the most out of this nimble drone. This includes an impressive trick locker, with the ability to perform mid-air flips. The Hexa is made from lightweight but durable plastic, with propeller guards to protect against bumps, and six spare rotor blades in the box. The drone has a range of 164 feet, and a flight time of around 8 minutes after a full 30-minute charge via the supplied USB cable. It also has LED lights for after-dark flights.

You can grab the SKEYE Hexa now to save 34% on the regular retail price, with free shipping to the Continental US.