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Microsoft’s new Android app wants you to switch to Windows 10 Mobile


Microsoft has launched a new Android app that hopes to convince users to switch to Windows 10 Mobile. It comes just a few days after the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft’s first Windows 10 Mobile phones, made their official debut.

Called AppComparison, the new app “identifies your favourite Android apps and matches them with apps available from the Microsoft Store,” its description explains. “The application also introduces you to some of the most popular Windows Phone applications.”

The hope is that Android users try out AppComparison, find out that many of the apps they enjoy are also available on Windows 10 Mobile, and then look further into or even try out Microsoft’s new platform. But will it be a success?

Well, that seems mostly unlikely. The app could have the opposite affect — highlighting the gaps in the Microsoft Store with apps that aren’t available. But you’ll probably only download AppComparison if you already have an interest in Windows 10 Mobile.

However, if you’re a former Windows Phone user who’s thinking about switching back to the new Lumias, this is a quick and easy way to find out how many of the apps you’re using now will still be available to you when you make that switch.

Killian Bell

Killian Bell is a 20-something technology journalist based in a tiny town in England. He has an obsession with that little company in Cupertino...