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Volvo taps Microsoft to help sell cars with HoloLens VR, New S90 teased

by Todd Haselton | November 20, 2015November 20, 2015 7:00 pm PDT

Volvo will work with Microsoft in hopes that the company’s virtual reality technology can help sell cars, potentially offering a fun, informative and unique new way for car shoppers to purchase a new vehicle. The news comes on the heels of a teaser for the new S90, pictured below, and an autonomous concept the company is working on.

“Technology will transform when it comes to autonomous cars, connectivity and the car buying process,” Volvo vice president of marketing, sales and service Björn Annwall told CNBC. “We believe this will happen, it’s [natural] as the tech and automotive industry comes closer to explore this together.”

A customer might be able to put on a Microsoft HoloLens virtual reality headset to explore the interior and exterior of a car, and see how either changes as various trim and color packages are applied, it seems, alleviating the need for a showroom to stock hundreds of different cars in one place. Sure, it won’t provide the full experience, but it could get pretty darn close.

Volvo also recently teased its next car, the S90. The company published two images providing a hint at the car’s exterior and promised that “more details and specifics” will be coming soon. Additionally, Volvo discussed its plans for a new fully autonomous car dubbed the Concept 26 that features a variety of modes including my favorite, a “relax” mode that lets the driver recline while the car takes over.

Maybe one day we’ll configure these with a HoloLens.

CNBC Volvo

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