Unblock your favorite shows with Getflix lifetime subscription


It can be really frustrating when your favorite shows are region-locked, but Netflix lets you get around the restrictions on over 100 on-demand channels. TechnoBuffalo Deals has lifetime subscriptions for $39–with coupon code “EARLY10” get another 10% off.

The service lets you mask your real location, meaning you can watch the likes of Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and others from anywhere in the world. It works via SmartDNS, so unlike a regular VPN, you don’t need to install any apps to start enjoying TV and movies. Bandwidth is unlimited, and Getflix also works for online radio and other region-locked content. It will happily run on auto, but you can choose where you want to “pop up” (there are over fifty servers to pick from), switch on full VPN protection, and activate 256-bit SSL encryption from your online dashboard. You can use Getflix on your PC or Mac, your phone, and many other devices (e.g. games consoles, streaming boxes, etc.).

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