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Learn Android app development with this pay-what-you-want course bundle

by TechnoBuffalo | November 19, 2015November 19, 2015 11:00 am PST

Android Expert’s Coding Bundle

With Android so hot right now, the Play Store is stacked full of opportunities for skilled developers. If you would like to get involved, TechnoBuffalo Deals is letting you pay what you want for five great coding courses.

You don’t need to know any code to get started with these video courses, as they teach the fundamentals of programming, before helping you take your first steps in Java, the native language of Android. After the likes of if/else statements, you start to work in the Android Studio IDE and learn about data types, methods, classes, inheritance, and arrays. After honing these skills with hands-on tasks, you can then move on to the key features of any great app — including the interface and Material Design, syncing with the cloud, and appropriate monetization. The final course teaches you how to reskin template apps.

In total, it is $503-worth of tuition. You can pay whatever you like for two of the courses, but beat the average price paid, and you will unlock the full bundle.