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iPad Pro hits T-Mobile today for $199.99 down (Update: and AT&T, too)

by Todd Haselton | November 18, 2015November 18, 2015 12:00 pm PDT

Want an iPad Pro but don’t have a ton of cash on hand? You might consider heading to T-Mobile, where Apple’s new monster tablet is available for just $199.99 down. That’s about $800 less than you’d spend for the entry-level LTE model from Apple (the Wi-Fi version is cheaper), and you’ll pay down the full cost each month instead of all at once.

The tablet is part of T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand plan that allows you to upgrade to new tablets in the future, too,  though you’ll need to trade-in your current device. After the initial $200 down payment, you’ll pay $35/month in addition to another $10 a month to add the iPad Pro to your Simple Choice plan, which gives you 2GB of data each month for surfing, downloading music, or whatever else it is you wild kids do on your tablets these days. Then, since JUMP! lets you upgrade, you’ll be able to trade the iPad Pro in to T-Mobile when the iPad Pro 2 – or whatever new iPad Apple dreams up – comes out sometime next year.

The iPad Pro is available online and in T-Mobile Stores now. Hit the source to grab yours.

Update: The iPad Pro is also available from AT&T (and Apple, for that matter). AT&T has it for $1,079 at full price, $979 with a new two-year contract or for $0 down and $54 per month.


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