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Amazon finally offers two-step authentication for better security

by Brandon Russell | November 18, 2015November 18, 2015 7:00 pm PDT Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings

Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter—all of them offer two-step authentication, making your online life that much more secure. But one company that hasn’t joined the Two-Step Club has been Amazon, leaving people to wonder if the online giant would ever wise up. Starting today, however, Amazon has finally decided that better security is a good idea, though it doesn’t exactly make it obvious to customers that two-step authentication is now available.

I turned the feature on immediately after learning it’s now available—and you should, too. To do this, go to the “Your Account” page once you sign in. Next, scroll down to the “Settings” pane, and then choose “Account Settings.” At the bottom you’ll see an option for “Advanced Security Settings,” which is where you’ll have the option to activate two-step authentication.

You’ll have to go through a few different steps before you can turn the feature on, but once you do, your account will ostensibly be more secure. Basically, two-step authentication requires a code each time you sign into your account, so even if your password is compromised, there’s still another barrier to go through before someone gets access.

Don’t wait: Turn on two-step authentication by hitting the source link now.

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