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T-Mobile brings unlimited high-speed music streaming to MetroPCS

by Jacob Kleinman | November 17, 2015November 17, 2015 12:00 pm PDT


It’s been more than a year since T-Mobile started offering unlimited music streaming over cellular data. Now the carrier is bringing that same feature to its MetroPCS customers, along with the ability to stream more video over data than before.

The service, which is called Music Unlimited on MetroPCS, is only available to people paying at least $40 per month for an unlimited plan. The prepaid carrier usually caps the amount of high-speed data you get with each plan. Moving forward, streaming music won’t count against that cap.

MetroPCS is also getting a second new feature called Data Maximizer, which is available on all of its plans. This new setting “optimizes” all streaming video to a lower resolution similar to T-Mobile’s Binge On, so you can watch three times as much as before while using the same amount of data. If you’d rather stream fewer videos at a higher resolution, you can turn Data Maximizer off or on whenever you want from account settings.

This seems like pretty good news for MetroPCS customers, though like we’ve said before T-Mobile’s unlimited streaming offers also have a dark side. Still, if you’re working with a limited amount of high-speed data these features will probably be a welcome change.


Jacob Kleinman

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