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Marshmallow release for Note 5, S6, S6 Edge rumored for Dec.

by Brandon Russell | November 16, 2015November 16, 2015 4:00 pm PDT

Whenever Google releases a new version of Android, it’s always a waiting game for anyone who doesn’t own a Nexus device. Will it be three months until their phone gets updated? Six months? A year? According to this document from Times News, we might know exactly when Samsung plans on pushing Marshmallow out to its lineup of super phones.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung is moving forward with updates for its Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus first, aiming for a December release. Meanwhile, other devices like the S6, S6 Edge, Note 4, and Note Edge have tentative release dates for early 2016. These are all devices that have apparently been approved for an Android Marshmallow update; the list also mentions other popular Samsung phones, but they’re allegedly still waiting for approval, which means no ETA has been shared.

While the usual suspects among Samsung’s premier lineup are represented, Samsung’s lesser known phones, such as the A7, A8, and E7 don’t appear as though they’re getting the Marshmallow update anytime soon. This leaked “update guide” is as recent as Oct. 29, which isn’t old at all—the guide is broken up into two phases, with Samsung’s biggest flagships among the first wave of updates.

It’s unclear where this supposed update roadmap came from, so it could be completely bogus. However, it was revealed in early October which Samsung devices might receive Android 6.0, and it does line up. Of course, we won’t know until Samsung flat out says which phones will receive the newest version of Android, and when. Also, keep in mind that carrier roll-outs are always going to vary in the U.S. We hope to have more information soon.


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