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Dragon Ball Z gritty fan film is better than Hollywood’s

by Ron Duwell | November 16, 2015November 16, 2015 10:30 am PDT

Anybody remember that gritty Power Rangers fan film from earlier this year? Yeah, that was both kind of cool and a much needed soul-search into why we like things so dark these days. Now it’s Dragon Ball Z’s turn to take a walk on the gritty side with Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men, a live-action retelling of Trunks’ battle with Cell and subsequent journey into the past.

It’s certainly no masterpiece of storytelling, but I think we’re safe in saying that it is a heck of a lot better than Dragonball Evolution. That’s not a very lofty standard, though, is it? All of the special effects fall right into place, and most importantly, the characters actually look like how they are supposed to! I mean, that’s clearly Cell, and he is clearly fighting Trunks.

The whole 30 minutes actually feels like… you know… Dragon Ball Z. Is that so much to ask?

What we have here is a nice indie tribute to a beloved anime. Not a whole lot of dialogue, but that is made up for with pure fan-service. The Cell Saga is where Dragon Ball Z starts to lose my attention in the anime, but there really is no other period in the canon that would work for a gritty retelling. Earth is bought to the brink of absolute destruction, all of our favorite characters are killed, and the Buu Saga is just too dumb to take seriously.

Nicely played. I wonder what these guys will do next.


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