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iPhone 7 concept design shows a beautiful bezel-free device

by Jacob Kleinman | November 15, 2015November 15, 2015 8:00 am PST

What if the iPhone 7 didn’t have any bezels at all? That’s the idea behind the latest concept design from ConceptsiPhone, and the results are stunning.

The video puts more of an emphasis on iOS 10, and how Apple could adopt its mobile software for a bezel-free smartphone. The device itself looks like a pretty standard metal slate, though it suggests Cupertino may return to the chamfered edges on the iPhone 5. The display covers the entire front of the phone, including a physical home button that’s still included.

When you switch on the theoretical device, the lockscreen fills the entire display. You can swipe up to show the Control Center but, once you unlock the device, iOS will shrink to create black bezels around it. It’s a weird effect, but makes sense if Apple devices ease into a new form factor.

Even so, this imagined version of iOS still takes advantage of that extra space on the iPhone 7. Incoming notifications can flash along the top bezel so they don’t get in the way of whatever you’re doing. Zooming in on a photo enough could also quickly fill up the entire screen for an even closer look.

It’s an interesting concept, though obviously we’d prefer to be bezel-free all the time. Either way, this concept design has us even more excited about the iPhone 7, even if it’s still almost a year away.

Jacob Kleinman

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