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The Legend of Zelda confirmed for Wii U release in 2016, new image and footage

by Ron Duwell | November 13, 2015November 13, 2015 7:00 am PST

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

During yesterday evening’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo reaffirmed that its highly anticipated Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U would be getting a 2016 release date on the Wii U console. The date was solidified in 13 seconds of new footage and an image of Link majestically riding his horse Epona across the open plains of Hyrule.

The footage kicks in at the 3:22 mark in the Nintendo Direct presentation.

Rumors and speculation have been circling the title with many wondering why it was delayed a year. Of course, almost every Legend of Zelda game gets delayed at some point during its development, but this one is special in that the delay will see it launch at about the same time Nintendo announces its next-gen console. Fans were wondering if Nintendo will be making it a cross generation release or just be scrapping the Wii U version altogether.

Well, I won’t entirely rule out the possibility of an NX release, but at least we have confirmation that Nintendo is committed to the Wii U release. I never really doubted it, but the Internet just has to know these things.

2016 is shaping up to be a monstrous year already if you love classic Japanese franchises! We have Dragon Quest XI and the Nintendo 3DS games, Final Fantasy XV, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, Persona 5, Tales of Berseria, and now The Legend of Zelda all primed and ready to put Japan back on top! Who has the time to play them all?!

The Legend of Zelda will be launching for the Wii U in 2016.

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