NomadPlus Charger keeps your phone powered with or without a wall socket — 37% off

by TechnoBuffalo | November 13, 2015

NomadPlus Charger

Carrying a wall charger for your phone is a sensible move, but it isn’t always possible to find a power supply. For such situations, the NomadPlus Charger has a 1800mAh battery on board, and TechnoBuffalo Deals has it now for $24.99 shipped.

The charger fits around the wall plug supplied by Apple, letting you charge pretty much any USB device from grid power (incl. Android phones). With your phone or tablet plugged in, the charger provides power until the device is charged. After this point, it starts to top up its own internal battery. The power is used intelligently, and pass-through technology guards against overloading the battery. At just over two inches square, the NomadPlus really doesn’t add any extra bulk to your bag — yet it holds sufficient power to refill most phones to 100% battery.

You can currently grab this neat little accessory at 37% off the regular price, with free shipping to the Continental US thrown in.