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Apple Watch 2 development begins, rumor says

by Todd Haselton | November 13, 2015November 13, 2015 10:00 am PST

It seems relatively obvious that Apple will launch a second generation Apple Watch. The company’s new wearable is selling well enough, and Apple has continued to release new colors while developers publish additional applications. That’s why it comes as no surprise today to read a report from UDN that Apple’s second generation Apple Watch is in development.

A rough translation of the article suggests that Apple has tapped Quanta for the Apple Watch 2, which is expected to ship during the third quarter of next year. The wearable will feature “fully upgraded hardware and software,”  UDN said, cautioning that it’s still in the “development stage.” The news outlet didn’t offer any indication as to what Apple might do to improve the wearable, but we have a few ideas.

Battery life, while OK on the Apple Watch, could be improved to last several days at a minimum. Additionally, Apple outfitted the first Apple Watch with a heart rate sensor, but it seems like there’s room for new sensors that can tap into other features of Apple Health. Apps are still pretty solid, but many of them are still slow, so I’d also like to see a faster processor on board.

Apple will no doubt face a tough time convincing folks to upgrade from their current Apple Watch units, especially if they purchased the more expensive models. We’ll see what’s in store next year.

UDN 9to5Mac

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