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Spotify Concerts recommends shows right from the app

by Todd Haselton | November 12, 2015November 12, 2015 2:00 pm PST

Spotify updated its iOS and Android apps on Thursday with a really awesome new feature that will get you right in front of the bands you listen to most. It’s called Spotify Concerts, and it will alert you when artists you listen to frequently announce a show nearby.

“Much like Discover Weekly, concert recommendations are based on your own listening and picked specifically for you – meaning we surface the live gigs that we know you’ll enjoy, as well as acts that you’ll love to discover,” Spotify explained. Spotify said users can also change their location to see concerts nearby. This feature is useful if you’re in ¬†another town for the weekend, away on vacation or just up for driving to see a show. All of the data is provided by Songkick, which will provide additional information on ticket prices once you’ve clicked on a recommended concert.

This is just one additional way that we’re starting to see Spotify try to stand out against competition, such as Apple Music – which also recently launched on Android – Google Play Music, Rdio and several other options.

The Discover Weekly playlist, if you haven’t used it yet, is easily one of the highlights to my Mondays, so I have high hopes for Concerts. Check for the update on iOS and Android today.


Todd Haselton

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