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Heads up: T-Mobile increased Unlimited data price yesterday (Update)

by Todd Haselton | November 11, 2015November 11, 2015 2:00 pm PDT


It was easy to get lost in all the self promotion of T-Mobile’s Un-carrier X event on Tuesday. The company said it was doubling data options, offering a new “Binge On” unlimited streaming promotion and more. All good news, right? Not so fast.

While you were cheering its moves, T-Mobile actually increased prices.

So, while it might be telling you that everyone is getting twice the data, you’re going to actually need to pay more each month if you want it. It’s a marginal fee for the lower-priced plans, but bad news for folks on unlimited.

As CNN notes, customers who used to pay $60 per month for 3GB plans will now pay $65 for 6GB. That extra $5 is worth it in my book, and remember that it’s an option not a requirement, but it wasn’t mentioned by T-Mobile, which suggested the changes were free.

Folks who paid $70 for 5GB of data can get 10GB for $80, and unlimited users will pay $95 per month instead of $80. That one stings a bit more considering it’s the same service but with a free video rental from Vudu each month through 2016 – hardly worth $15.

Seems to me T-Mobile is trying to push those unlimited users out the door – a very traditional carrier move.

Update: The unlimited plan also includes 14GB of data for tethering, instead of 7GB, which makes it a bit more compelling. Also, a T-Mobile spokesperson points out that a customer on a 5GB plan can now move to the new 6GB plan and say $5 per month ($65 versus $70 previously) while still receiving an additional 1GB of data. Not bad.


Todd Haselton

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