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Cyanogen OS apps now available for modded devices

by Jacob Kleinman | November 11, 2015November 11, 2015 3:00 pm PST

It’s easy to forget that there are two distinct Cyanogen products. There’s Cyanogen OS, the commercial software that’s pre-installed on specific smartphones like the OnePlus One and ZUK Z1, and there’s CyanogenMod, which you can install on most Android devices with a little bit of effort. Now the company is bringing them a little closer together with the Cyanogen Apps Package.

Basically, it’s a bundle of apps designed to take advantage of the open platform. This is the first time many of these apps will be available on devices that don’t run Cyanogen OS out of the box. The company also notes that it won’t force you to use any Cyanogen Apps. The entire package is also an optional download that won’t come pre-installed on CyanogenMod in the future.

The list of apps includes Theme Chooser, which lets you customize the look of your Cyanogen software, along with the Theme Store, where you can pick from over 200 pre-designed themes. There’s also a special Gallery app for organizing your photos and deleting duplicates, Cyanogen Dialer that will automatically block spam phone calls, and more.

Hit the second source link below to download the Cyanogen Apps Package. You have to grab the entire bundle at once, but you should be able to pick and choose which ones actually get installed on your device. You’ll also want to set up a Cyanogen Account (third source link) to take full advantage of some of these apps.

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