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BlackBerry “Vienna” to be company’s second Android phone

by Brandon Russell | November 11, 2015November 11, 2015 4:06 pm PDT


BlackBerry CEO John Chen hinted there was more to come following the Priv’s release, and CrackBerry is giving us our first glimpse. According to the website, BlackBerry has a second Android phone in the works, and it look a lot like a traditional BlackBerry device. A slider this is not, but for fans of hardware keyboards, Blackberry’s rumored “Vienna” might be the kind of old-school longtime fans have been waiting for.

If you’ve seen one BlackBerry device, you’ve essentially seem them all. The Vienna looks a lot like something we might have seen several years ago, albeit a little more elongated to accommodate a touch-friendly environment. The keyboard looks about the same size of the QWERTY keyboard we saw included with the Priv, which is to say it’ll be on the smaller size.

No real details are included in CrackBerry’s report, so we have no clue what kind of specs the Vienna is rocking. If it’s anything like the Priv, however, it’ll feature near-stock Android with some great BlackBerry tweaks, along with a powerful camera and large battery. I’m a little confused as to why the bottom corners are rounded and the top corners are not, but it might make sense once BlackBerry makes the device official.

Like what you see? We’ve enjoyed our time with the Priv, and should have our review of BlackBerry’s first Android-powered device soon. Until then, it looks like BlackBerry fans will have yet another Android device to consider in the coming months.


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