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Clean up your life – 3 great offers at 50% off

by TechnoBuffalo | November 10, 2015November 10, 2015 9:30 am PDT

De-cluttering your life is the theme in this week’s most popular deals in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store. Streamlining your IT career, uncovering valuable results from mountains of raw data or just finding that damn iPhone cable to recharge your freakin’ phone…a clean, efficient desk leads to clean, efficient work, which leads to a clean, efficient life.

Time to tidy up – and with each of these items under $60, you should have enough left over after your stop in the TechnoBuffalo Deals section to celebrate your smart decision.

Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle: $39

Ultimate Data and Analytics Bundle

Big data analytics is a big business buzz-term that can give you a big professional leg-up if you take advantage. Do customers like us? Where are you – or your competitors – succeeding? Where can you streamline your business? This 130+ course package of analytics tutorials will make you the one person in your company who actually knows what all the numbers actually mean. You’ll learn how to use number-crunching programs from Oracle and Pinnacle, SAS database management, R programming — the works. This course bundle usually goes for almost $1,700, but you can get it all now for 97% off.

MOS Cable Organizer: $11.99

MOS Cable Organizer

Cables – you’ve got 8,000 of ‘em for every device and periphery you own and they snake willy-nilly all over your computer desk like R2-D2 threw up. Clean ‘em up with the elegantly simple MOS Cable Organizer. This attractive, unobtrusive desk piece uses magnetics to attractively bundle your flailing cords and de-clutters your workspace.  It wall-mountable, scratch-resistant and even come with ties to lock down particularly rebellious cables.  Give it a try now for 51% off its usual price.

CompTIA-IT Certification Career Advancement Bundle: $59

CompTIA-IT Certification Career Advancement Bundle

For over 30 years, CompTIA has been the standard bearer for the IT industry. So if you’re going to train and get certified, do it right with this CompTIA instruction bundle for only $59. You’ll not only get training to ace the A+ exam (basic certification for entry-level IT pros), but courses on obtaining CompTIA approval on the Network+, Security+, Cloud Essentials, and Cloud+ exams as well.  All this training normally costs north of $4,000, but you can get it right now for a massive 98% off.