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Cancelled Jurassic World game footage leaks, introduces digital Chris Pratt

by Ron Duwell | November 10, 2015November 10, 2015 4:30 pm PDT


Jurassic World was a pretty sweet summer flick, but it almost makes me miss the days of horrible movie based video games. If ever there was a big popcorn blockbuster that I would like to see mutilated into a video game with modern standards, this would have been it! I mean, an open-world dinosaur survival game! It’s not like we can have too many of them!

I can’t say it didn’t almost happen, though. Word has gotten out that we could have been the proud owners of a Jurassic World video game from Cryptic Studios Seattle. However, the studio’s closure put a halt to development, and we never even got an official trailer or reveal.

Thanks to the ever watchful eyes of Reddit and NeoGAF, we now have a bit of an idea on what the game looked like. Renders from the dinosaurs’ character models have been collected by users, and they even were able to catch an image of a digitally rendered and really creepy Chris Pratt. Go ahead, click through that gallery and see if you can pick him out from the rest of the hideous beasts.

I got to see some screenshots of Cryptic Studio’s newest game, which was based on Jurassic World. It was a 3rd person game where the player controlled Chris Pratt’s character. Several dinosaurs from the series were going to be in it including: Gallimimus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus and Baryonyx.

Not quite sure what you would have done in the game other than it being described as being similar to ‘H1Z1.’ Early Access on Steam would have come out soon but that’s all the info I know.

As for the footage, it has since been pulled from YouTube, but GIF files have survived that detail the animation. Check those out below, and you might as well fire up ARK: Survival Evolved or whatever your dinosaur game of choice is these days to help fill that new hole in your heart.

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