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Nexus 5X: Google explains why some camera previews are upside down

by Todd Haselton | November 9, 2015November 9, 2015 8:25 am PDT

Nexus 5X owners might have run into an issue where the camera preview is displayed upside down. Wondering why? There are two reasons, one Google engineer recently explained on Reddit, both of which pose no long term problem for Nexus 5X users. So settle down, cowboy.

Reddit user Etalvala, who says they are a lead for Android’s camera framework, explained that the problem boils down to how the phone was made, and how developers are taking advantage of Google’s older camera API. “Because of manufacturing reasons, we needed to mount the Nexus 5X main sensor in the less-common (reverse landscape) orientation – the wires from the sensor chip wouldn’t have fit otherwise,” Etalvala explained.

The old camera API, which many developers are still using for whatever reason, requires developers to “explicitly set the preview rotation,” Etalvala said, noting that third party apps usually don’t need to change the orientation at all. But, due to that aforementioned manufacturing change, developers need to change the rotation for the Nexus 5X – or switch to the latest API. Google’s new camera2 API will fix it automatically, but developers need to actually use it first.

Google and LG are trying to reach out to third party developers to ask them to move to the new API or fix the code. “It might take a bit before everyone’s up to speed on the issue,” Etalvala admitted. “So if you do see apps with upside-down camera preview on Nexus 5X, please let the developers know about this.”

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