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Bluesmart connected carry-on luggage now available to purchase

by Jacob Kleinman | November 9, 2015November 9, 2015 7:00 am PDT

Late last year, Bluesmart hit Indiegogo, promising to bring your luggage into the 21st century. Now, as the first crowd-funded carry-on bags begin to ship, the company is launching its product exclusively at MoMA’s Design Store in time for the holidays.

Bluesmart connects to your phone with a special app, available for iOS and Android, which makes it possible to track down a lost bag and lock it remotely. Your phone will also beep if you walk too far away from it. Beyond that, the bag packs a 10,000mAh battery, along with a pair of USB ports on the inside and out for charging your other devices on the go. It can even weigh itself. The company says it plans to add an Apple Watch option along with support for other platforms moving forward.

The luggage is well-designed, too. It’s made from polycarbonate that’s lightweight and durable. There’s a small cushioned pocket big enough to hold a tablet or a small laptop, along with a main compartment where you’ll find the bag’s on switch hidden behind an extra flap. The entire design is also TSA-approved, so you won’t run into any issues with airport security.

Bluesmart is available at the MoMA Design Store for $399. You can also pre-order it online and receive your bag next month, though initial stock is pretty limited.


Jacob Kleinman

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