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Web development tools you need to try – 2 great offers each under $50

by TechnoBuffalo | November 7, 2015November 7, 2015 9:00 am EST

Front-end developers don’t have an easy gig. It’s tough enough designing for the web, but there may not be a segment of the web development arena where change happens faster than for those client-side practitioners. Turn your head for a minute and when you turn back, another handful of new tools have changed the game – and front-end developers have to change with it.

So if you’re all about building clean, secure and scalable websites, you can try out this pair of cool front-end developer deals, both for under $50 each right now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals section.

Macaw Code-Savvy Web Design Tool: $49

Macaw Code-Savvy Web Design Tool

Macaw is one of those bright, shiny new tools the cool web guys are using – and it’s a huge time-saver. Rather than spending hours styling your page by manipulating code line by line, this image editor and code generator works a lot like Photoshop, allowing you to create the image exactly as you want it. That’s when Macaw gets to work, generating out clean HTML and CSS you can immediately slap on your site.

Adjust fonts, spacing and kerning, shift your borders and padding, even insert style elements like drop shadows and texturing – all without screwing up your code. Macaw is making web design more intuitive – and shaving loads of hours off your build time. Give it a try now for a hefty 79% off.

Javascript & jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle: $29

Javascript & jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle

With fancy new web development tools dropping daily, Javascript and jQuery are the ‘57 Chevy of the trade – classic, reliable and still pretty darn fantastic for pretty much anything. Those war-horse tools are the cornerstones of this four-course development bundle, featuring training on jQuery fundamentals, mobile site best practices and both basic and advanced level Javascript. Mastering these building-block techniques will immediately boost your web development game…and at 94% off its usual $500 MSRP, it’s a heap of knowledge at a dirt-cheap price.