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Google smartphone processor reportedly in the works

by Jacob Kleinman | November 6, 2015November 6, 2015 7:30 am PDT

a9 apple chip

Apple has its Ax series chips, and soon Google could offer an Android equivalent. The company is reportedly designing its own processors, though it still needs to convince another firm to actually make them.

A Google-designed processor could help unite the Android market, which is currently fragmented by a variety of different chips. It could also make it easier for the company to push out new features to the entire industry. Finally, a more integrated chip design might help Android phone-makers compete with Apple in the high-end market, where the iPhone typically dominates.

Google is reportedly in talks with several companies to produce the new chips. Convincing a firm like Qualcomm to create something that competes against its own processors won’t be easy, though perhaps Google can pitch it as the Nexus program for microprocessors. Next year’s Nexus phones may also be the obvious place to debut these new chips, assuming the search giant can kick off production in time.

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