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Downgrade from Windows 10, Dell and HP support reps tell undercover reporters

by Todd Haselton | November 5, 2015November 5, 2015 12:40 pm PDT

Microsoft really wants you to upgrade to Windows 10. It’s even automatically downloading the software on some computers that it thinks should apply the update. But should you? No, according to support reps for HP and Dell that spoke with LAPTOP Magazine.

The site’s editors recently went undercover for their annual Tech Support Showdown and contacted individual OEM support lines for help fixing their PCs. In separate instances, support reps for HP and Dell told them not to move to Windows 10. “There are a lot of glitches in Windows 10,” a Dell rep told LAPTOP. “I really don’t recommend customers upgrade to Windows 10,” an HP rep said. But why? Windows 10 is the latest operating system, and it seems to offer plenty of exciting new features such as Cortana.

Well, it turns out that support agents are really there to get your computer operating again, not to push new software. And that makes sense. “At the end of the day, the person’s job is to get he PC running,” HP’s vice president of customer experience Mike Nash told LAPTOP. “Given the scenario, it might have been the most expeditious thing to get them back to a known good space.”

From my experience, that’s a good rule to follow. I tried upgrading a Windows 8.1 ASUS netbook to Windows 10 and found that it could barely function with the new operating system, even though it was a recommended update. It’s basically now a brick, though only because I haven’t gone through the trouble to downgrade to Windows 8.1 again.

Hit the source to read more of LAPTOP’s experience dealing with various OEM support lines. There’s even an instance where Lenovo recommended the site sign up for a $20 monthly plan just for advice on their microphone. Yikes.

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