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Indivisible demo to be released on PlayStation 4 this week

by Ron Duwell | November 2, 2015November 2, 2015 5:30 pm PDT

Indivisible is still chugging along through its Indiegogo campaign, and it remains $1 million shy of its goal with just two weeks remaining. At the pace it’s been going, it might not be able to make it. Lab Zero Games is making a few moves to attract a larger audience, though, and it has the brilliant idea of launching its prototype as a playable demo on the PlayStation 4.

It seems like an unprecedented move for Sony to support a demo for a game that might not even get made, but hopefully this shows the confidence that not only the publishers, developers, and fans, but also Sony, have in this promising indie game. Indivisible’s prototype has already been available on the PC, but again, hopefully, the PlayStation 4’s massive userbase will also take a few minutes to download and try it out.

Indivisible is a side-scrolling RPG inspired by Super Metroid and Valkyrie Profile. It is being developed by the same team who made the popular indie fighter SkullGirls, and it similarly sports the same professional animation style. The game stars a rough and tough heroine named Ajna, and she’ll be able to summon a huge cast of colorful characters to aid her in battle.

Overall, the budget for Indivisible is $3.5 million. $1.5 million will be raised by the Indiegogo campaign, and 505 Games promises to provide the remaining $2 million. However, this will only happen if Indivisible is a success. Head over and throw your support behind it. Let’s make this work! I don’t want this to wind up being just an interesting glimpse that doesn’t get made in a full game.

We already had that on PlayStation 4 with PT.

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