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EA’s making more money with DLC and microtransactions than with actual full games

by Joey Davidson | November 2, 2015November 2, 2015 1:20 pm PDT


DLC, microtransactions and other “extra content” are all making a lot of money for EA (and we assume other companies, as well). The publisher released its most recent earnings report, and it shows that Extra Content is actually earning them more than double what selling full games digitally is.

That’s right. Take the second fiscal quarter of 2014, for instance. Full game downloads made EA $55 million in revenue. Extra Content downloads? They made EA $127 million. That’s a lot of scratch.

The briefing included a fancy infographic.

EA Digital Revenue

Does anyone really find this surprising? EA is selling DLC, sure, but they’re also selling card packs in Madden, microstransactions in games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out and a whole lot more. The fact is that their small digital offerings simply eclipse actual full games that cost money. There are just so many more ways to pay for extra content with EA.

The numbers put this plainly: Extra Content isn’t going anywhere.

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