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Thor: Ragnarok—Expect another heavyweight fight between Thor and Hulk

by Brandon Russell | October 29, 2015October 29, 2015 12:20 pm PDT

Before Thor and Hulk team up in Thor: Ragnarok, you can bet the two will fight, just as they did in the first Avengers movie. Their buddy-buddy rivalry reminds me a lot of the one between Rocky and Apollo Creed: severely loyal to each other, but they can get on each other’s nerves. Maybe the Ant-Man/Falcon bromance won’t be the only one we see blossom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Phase 3.

While speaking to the Daily Mail, Ruffalo was coy about how much he’ll feature in Ragnarok, but revealed that it’ll very much be a buddy picture.

He added, “I think they’ll probably fight. There’s no doubt, everyone wants us to fight at one point.”

We still don’t know the deeper details of Ragnarok, but we’ve been hearing rumors it won’t take place on Earth or Asgard, which means the next time we see Hulk, he will be in space. That has led to a lot of speculation toward Marvel plucking elements from the Planet Hulk storyline, which people have been asking for for a while now. Filming for Ragnarok begins next summer, so hopefully we’ll start learning more soon.

Thor: Ragnarok is currently scheduled for a Nov. 3, 2017 release.


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