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Google announces ASUS OnHub, available for $219

by Brandon Russell | October 27, 2015October 27, 2015 1:00 pm PST

Google on Tuesday added another member to its OnHub family, this time partnering with ASUS. Launched back in August, Google’s OnHub takes the complication of routers and simplifies the process with a well-designed app and easy-to-understand features. Basically, if setting up routers feels like rocket science to you, Google’s OnHub is easy enough for a toddler to understand.

The ASUS-made router looks similar to what we saw earlier this summer, with a more tapered design. It still looks handsome, like something you wouldn’t mind displaying next to some books on a shelf. But this isn’t really about looks so much as it is about how you use it. And while this new OnHub is similar to Google’s previous device, there are a few new additions that make ASUS’ router more intriguing.

For one, the ASUS OnHub sports something called Wave Control, which Google says lets users prioritize the Wi-Fi speed for a specific device by waving their hand over the top. That’s about as simplistic a process as you can make it. You can control many of the other features directly from the OnHub app, just as you could from Google’s other OnHub router.

The ASUS OnHub will be offered in slate gray, and features virtually the same specs as the original TP-LINK OnHub. You’ll be able to pre-order the ASUS OnHub from select pre-orders this week for $219.99, which is slightly more expensive than the one made by TP-LINK.


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