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New Nexus 7 (3rd-gen) still possible says ASUS chairman

by Jacob Kleinman | October 22, 2015October 22, 2015 7:00 am PDT

It’s been a few years since Google updated the Nexus 7, but the search giant may still be working with ASUS on a third-generation tablet. In a recent interview with Trusted Reviews, ASUS chairman and former CEO Jonney Shih hinted that the company may still release another 7-inch Nexus.

According to Shih, the real issue is simply deciding how to improve on what’s already a pretty great tablet. The original Nexus 7 turned heads thanks to its low price, while the sequel added a Full HD display and improved on the design. “But then the next one actually takes a lot of discussion,” he said, adding that we should “stay tuned.”

Of course there’s plenty ASUS and Google could do to improve on the Nexus 7. New specs and a sharper display are both obvious choices. We’d also like to see the tablet get a fingerprint reader, USB-C and maybe even a more premium design (assuming the price doesn’t go up too much as a result).

Whether anyone really wants a 7-inch slate anymore may be the bigger question ASUS needs to answer. Big-screened smartphones like the Nexus 6P mean the Nexus 7 no longer serves an obvious role. Even Google seems to be moving away from that market with its recent 10.2-inch Pixel C tablet.

We’d still love to see ASUS release a third-generation Nexus 7, though it will need to offer more than just upgraded specs to succeed. You can read the rest of the interview, which also touches on the company’s plans for future smartwatches and virtual reality, via the source link below.

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