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Facebook update makes entire index of 2 trillion posts open to search

by Brandon Russell | October 22, 2015October 22, 2015 12:40 pm PST

There will be nowhere to hide on Facebook in the future. The social network on Thursday announced it’s expanding its search function to include every publicly-available post in its archive, which means your searches will parse through over 2 trillions posts in Facebook’s index.

Facebook says the results are organized, so you’ll know you’re getting information from the top sources across the world. Your friends will be among the search results, too, making it easy to find the articles people are talking about. And, of course, you can always jump into the conversation if you feel like chiming in with your own clever comments.

Public posts will show up in search results as well, which means searching through Facebook is essentially turning the service into a much larger, much more vocal Twitter. Only public posts show up in search, so no need to worry about your secrets leaking out to the entire world.

The video above best demonstrates how Facebook’s improved search will work. It essentially takes the best news from around the world and makes it simple to find—and it also keeps you away from Google and other newsy apps, ensuring you spend that much more time in Facebook’s ecosystem.

The update to Facebook search is going out today, so get to it.


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