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Xiaomi unveils a $315 “hoverboard” with a built-in handle

by Jacob Kleinman | October 19, 2015October 19, 2015 9:00 am PST

Xiaomi is elbowing its way into another new market this week. The Chinese phone-maker unveiled a Segway-style gadget on Monday as part of a partnership with local company Ninebot, which actually acquired Segway earlier this year.

The Ninebot mini costs just $315. It can cruise at up to 10 miles per hour and travel 22km (roughly 14 miles) on a single charge. It weighs 28 pounds and comes packed with sensors and a built-in processor for running software that can track your speed and even check on the traffic through a connection with your smartphone.

The design is somewhere between a classic Segway and the new fleet of two-wheeled “hoverboards.” It features a pair of sturdy wheels and a short handle in the middle that you can grip between your knees for extra balance. It also makes it easy to carry the Ninebot mini around when you don’t feel like riding, or if you run out of battery.

The new gadget is launching in China next month on Nov. 3, and Xiaomi hasn’t said if or when it plans to bring the Ninebot mini to other countries. Ninebot is already promoting the device in France, however, suggesting it could get a global launch soon.

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