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Leaked Microsoft ad showcases Continuum in Windows 10 Mobile


During its Lumia 950 unveiling earlier this month, Microsoft previewed Continuum, a new feature that turns your Windows 10 Mobile device into a mini PC when you hook up a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Now a leaked Microsoft ad gives us a closer look at that feature.

“Continuum is your phone powering a second screen,” the one-minute video explains. Microsoft then demonstrates how Windows 10 Mobile apps like the Edge browser, Mail, and Microsoft Office can be used on the big screen while other apps are used on the smartphone.

You can continue working in apps like Word using a keyboard and mouse while you take calls and reply to messages on your phone, which gives Windows 10 Mobile a unique selling point that rival platforms like Android and iOS do not offer.

It’s no wonder Microsoft is making Continuum the highlight of its new Windows 10 Mobile ads, then.

The only thing Microsoft doesn’t mention is that in order to use Continuum, you need a special dock that connects your smartphone to that second screen and peripherals, which costs an additional $99. Still, that’s not a bad price for such a useful accessory.


Killian Bell

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