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Lenovo refuses to sell Microsoft Surface Pro because it’s a competitor

Surface Pro 4 - 5

Lenovo has confirmed that it refuses to sell the Microsoft Surface Pro, despite being given the opportunity to do so, because it is a direct competitor to the company’s own Windows devices.

Microsoft asked Lenovo to sell the Surface Pro alongside Dell and HP, which became global resellers back in September. But Lenovo President and COO Gianfranco Lanci, who was speaking at the Canalys Channels Forum this week, confirms he “said no to resell their product.”

Microsoft “asked me more than one year ago, and I said no,” Lanci continued, according to a report from The Register. “I don’t see any reason why I should sell a product from within brackets, competition.”

Lanci considers Microsoft a “partner on certain things,” but a competitor on others, so Lenovo must be “a little bit careful” about the way in which it conducts business with the software giant. Executives at Dell and HP clearly feel differently.

Marius Hass, chief commercial officer at Dell, defended the PC maker’s decision to sell the Surface Pro via its own online store and said high-end enterprise customers were asking for the device to be “managed and deployed” by Dell.

Dion Weisler, CEO of HP, admits that selling the Surface Pro isn’t the company’s “first preference,” and that the company makes no money from Surface Pro sales — but it chose to do business with Microsoft anyway because customers insisted on it.

The Register

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