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Overwatch beta starts Oct. 27, only “a small number” will get in

by Ron Duwell | October 15, 2015October 15, 2015 6:30 pm PST

Blizzard’s highly anticipated, team-based shooter, Overwatch, will make its public debut on Oct 27. The company has announced that a beta test will be available to “a small number of testers” to make sure that the gameplay is balanced, so you’ll be needing a bit of luck to become one of those lucky people.

These players will be tasked with providing feedback on the actual game itself. Maps need to be given a run-through to make sure no team has an advantage at either starting point, and all 18 characters will be available to test the field with. There is bound to be some early imbalances that Blizzard wants to catch.

Only on weekends will Blizzard “open the floodgates” and let more people in to stress test the game’s servers and overall performance.

We’re aiming to accomplish two primary goals with our public beta test: First, get tons of top-notch feedback on the gameplay — including balance, feel, and fun — to help us make Overwatch the best team-based shooter on the planet.

Second, we want to hammer the heck out of our tech, including stress-testing our server infrastructure and making sure the game runs great on the widest variety of systems possible.

The open-weekends are scheduled to go live the weekend after BlizzCon wraps itself up on Nov. 6. Players who want to participate can sign up on Blizzard warns that it already has a long list of “tons of would-be heroes signed up,” so best of luck to all of you in getting accepted.

We want to give as many as possible a chance to play during the testing period.

No release date has been set for Overwatch yet, but we’ll assume that it can’t be that far off if the beta proves to be a success.


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