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Facebook M personal assistant may be the smartest yet

by Jacob Kleinman | October 15, 2015October 15, 2015 8:00 am PST

Facebook’s personal assistant started rolling out in beta this week, and it looks pretty impressive so far. M lives inside the Messenger app, and is capable of doing everything from booking your plane tickets to finding a nearby restaurant.

One BuzzFeed reporter saw M pop-up in Messenger on Wednesday and quickly put the new service to the test. When you first start using the new AI you’ll see a list of suggested requests. That includes the option to send your mom flowers for her birthday or a good place to go hiking nearby.

M can help you find a plane ticket and even book your flight using the payment option built into Messenger. You’ll have to give M some personal information to finish the order, and you can specify whether the app remembers those details or not after it’s done. M can even forward the flight confirmation to your Gmail and then add it to your Google calendar.

Facebook’s AI can also look up nearby points of interest like restaurants and send you screenshots of Yelp pages. The one thing M definitely can’t do is call you an Uber, at least not yet. The personal assistant service is apparently operating without any direct human oversight, though it has been trained by humans.

There’s still no word on when M will get an official launch, but hopefully it won’t be long now. Keep an eye on your own Messenger app to see if the beta version of Facebook’s new AI shows up in the meantime.


Jacob Kleinman

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