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Nolan North: “Fans don’t want an Uncharted movie”

by Ron Duwell | October 12, 2015October 12, 2015 4:30 pm PDT

Video games and Hollywood are not best friends, and they barely even have a working relationship. Frequent box office bombs and critical floggings have made video game movies the butt of many jokes throughout the entertainment world, and video game developers have films in their sights as they vie to become the dominant entertainment medium.

It goes without saying that the two crowds don’t like one another that much, and whenever there is news of a popular video game getting the feature length treatment, a round of sighs and scorn can can heard when there should be jubilation. Voice actor Nolan North sees this with the Uncharted fanbase, saying pretty bluntly in an interview with GameNewsOfficial that “fans don’t want” one.

His reason? People already love Nathan Drake and can’t accept anyone else in the role.

“I think the emotional investment people have with Nathan Drake is so high that it would be very difficult for them to accept somebody else. Even me – my face as Nathan Drake. They might recognise the voice but I don’t even know if they’d accept me.”

It’s like the frequent calls to cast David Hayter in the eternally doomed Metal Gear Solid film and the backlash Konami and Hideo Kojima got when he was replaced in Metal Gear Solid V  by Kiefer Sutherland. Gamers have characters that they like, they have a way they like them looking and sounding, and for iconic characters, anything else is simply just “wrong.”

I suppose it can be fine for Assassin’s Creed and Michael Fassbender since that series changes heroes every time, but games have simply become too cinematic and characters look too much like real people to change the norm of an established face. I agree with Nolan North, and I’m not even an Uncharted fan. I don’t want this to happen.

If I wanted the Hollywood Uncharted experience, I would just play the game, since it practically already is an interactive movie in itself. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End launches on March 18 for the PlayStation 4.

Ron Duwell

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