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‘Jessica Jones’ is tormented by Purple Man in newest clip

by Brandon Russell | October 8, 2015October 8, 2015 3:20 pm PST

Marvel has shared some juicy teasers for Jessica Jones, which is hitting Netflix next month, but today’s new clip is the best of the bunch. Not only do we hear the show’s major villain, played by David Tennant, but we actually get to see Jones’ face, which, if you’ve been keeping track, Marvel has only unveiled in a handful of official pictures. Finally we get to see the face behind the name.

The marketing for Jessica Jones has pretty much been perfect in the lead up to the show. Rather than rely on Krysten Ritter’s looks, we got a great sense of Jones’ current state of mind, which isn’t great. Following a tragic event, Jones attempts to put her life back together as a private investigator in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen (which is where Daredevil lives). But as you can see, alcohol and a bad attitude are getting in the way.

What’s cool about the newest clip is that it has a sense of danger, with Tennant’s Zebediah Killgrave (otherwise known as the Purple Man) revealing he knows Jones’ secrets. In the comics, Killgrave gains the ability to overwhelm the minds of others, getting them to do his evil bidding. At one point Jones actually falls prey to Killgrave’s mind control, leading to all kinds of physical and psychological anguish.

If you thought Wilson Fisk was bad, just wait until we’re introduced to Killgrave. For now, check out the video to hear Killgrave tease Jones about her identity and friends.


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