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Apple Music subscriptions plummeting as free trials end, report says

by Jacob Kleinman | October 8, 2015October 8, 2015 6:30 am EST

If you signed up for Apple Music at launch, your free trial is already over and, according to one new report, you probably won’t stick around much longer. Digital Music News claims the streaming service will drop to just a few million paying subscribers by next month as people continue to opt out.

A pair of anonymous insiders told the tech music blog that early data from inside Apple isn’t looking very good. The streaming service already lost a decent chunk of its users when the three-month trial ended, and even more will likely cancel the service once they realize they’ve been charged for the first time.

“This is looking like Apple [Music] will have low millions of paying subs,” one source told DMN, adding that “between 3 and 4 million sounds about right.” The second source put the number at 3.5 million, noting that it likely won’t drop that low until November.

Apple Music could get a boost before then thanks to its upcoming Android launch. The company appears to be offering a beta version of the upcoming app already, and plans to offer the same three-month trial along with free access to its Beats 1 radio station. Then again, it’s unlikely the service will do as well on Google’s platform as it did on Apple’s own operating system.

Back in August, Apple said roughly 11 million people had signed up to try the music streaming service. The company later clarified that 79 percent of early subscribers were using Apple Music on a regular basis, but it sounds like most of those people aren’t willing to actually pay for the experience.


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