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Kickstart this football with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, despite its terrible name

by Jacob Kleinman | October 6, 2015October 6, 2015 7:00 pm PST

This week we found a really awesome Kickstarter project to highlight. It’s a pretty genius idea and we almost can’t believe no one’s thought of it already. There’s only one problem: the name.

We’ll say the name once, and then we’ll move on to explain what makes this product so great. This is the B.R.O, Ball. It stands for “Bring Rhythm Outdoors.”

A working football with a built-in Bluetooth speaker already sounds pretty impressive, but we’re just getting started. The design is also water and sand-resistant, so you can take it the beach and even into the ocean without any worries. It’s extremely durable too, and can even withstand a seven-story drop without taking any damage.

The company also packed in some extremely long-range Bluetooth technology. It works from over 50 yards away (that’s 150 feet or roughly 45 meters). In a field test the football actually held its connection at over 100 feet away without any noticeable drop in quality.

The football features a rechargeable lithium battery that plugs in with USB.  You can also use it to charge up your smartphone if you start to run out of power away from home, though it’s unclear exactly how much juice this football can hold.

The design is pretty straightforward. It looks like a regular football with a round speaker grill where the laces would usually go. The company’s also included glow-in-the-dark lining so you can keep playing at night without losing the ball.

You can order one for yourself for as little as $59 on Kickstarter, though it isn’t expected to ship until July 2016. The company plans to charge twice as much once it actually hits the market, so if you’re interested it’s probably worth backing the project now and saving some money in the long run.


Jacob Kleinman

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