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Apple buys Perceptio for smarter, less intrusive AI

by Jacob Kleinman | October 6, 2015October 6, 2015 5:20 pm PST


Apple has acquired Perceptio, a startup focused on developing artificial intelligence. The Cupertino company confirmed the news, first reported by Bloomberg, but wouldn’t reveal any details of the purchase or its plans for the new technology.

Perceptio’s focus is mainly on deep learning and image recognition. The goal is to create an artificial intelligence that can recognize images without needing to rely on external data. That could match well with Apple’s focus on privacy, since the AI presumably wouldn’t need to access your personal information as much either.

The team and technology behind Perceptio will likely be assimilated into Siri as Apple continues to improve its own AI software to compete against Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana. Cupertino also recently acquired VocallQ, a U.K. company focused allowing longer conversations between digital assistants and humans.

Clearly Apple has big plans for Siri, though the company’s digital assistant just got a pretty nice update as part of iOS 9. Still, it looks like next year could mean an even bigger improvement for the digital assistant thanks to these latest acquisitions.


Jacob Kleinman

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