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Stephen Colbert “can’t wait to actually play” No Man’s Sky, no release date

Stephen Colbert had a chance to witness the awe and wonder of Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky up close and personal over the weekend. Of course, he didn’t get the chance to actually play it yet.

The late night TV host invited Director Sean Murray onto The Late Show to plug his highly anticipated game to a mainstream audience and give a live demonstration. Of course, Murray did just that, using the opportunity to dangle that carrot in front of a much larger audience than he ever has before. He showed a brief bit of new footage before ultimately proving this to be another well placed trolling event.

Argh! How much longer!! We’ve seen all of this before! Wait, this TV appearance wasn’t exactly for those “in the know,” was it?

Many had hoped and anticipated that the appearance in front of such a massive viewing would secure No Man’s Sky a release date, however, Murray both started and wrapped up his segment with no such announcement. I think the release date is just as highly anticipated as the actual game a this point.

Murray and Colbert played the game for several minutes on live television, visiting a few more of the game’s 18 quintillion planets. Murray took the opportunity to name one planet “Colbert Prime” and he named several new creatures as well. During your travels, be sure to keep an eye out for herds and schools of wild “Colbison,” “Molebert,” “Stephenus Rex” and a “Colbertasaurus.”

No Man’s Sky will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC… whenever.

Ron Duwell

Ron has been living it up in Japan for the last decade, and he has no intention of leaving this technical wonderland any time soon. When he's not...