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Red Dead Redemption was never up for a PC port, says ex-employee

by Eric Frederiksen | September 29, 2015September 29, 2015 6:00 am PDT

PC gamers, it’s time to let those hopes of a Red Dead Redemption port go. Let it ride off like Shane at the end of Shane.

The critical and commercial success of Rockstar’s big western was apparently never meant for porting. Kris Roberts, who lead the design of the game’s multiplayer, said during a Twitch stream that a PC port was never in the cards for the game.

“I don’t think there was ever an intention to have a PC version of Red Dead Redemption,” he said. “I was actually super shocked that they did a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.”

“To the best of my recollection, we never even seriously talked about optimizing it for PC,” he continued.

While a lot could’ve changed since Roberts left Rockstar in 2010 – he now works on H1Z1 as a vehicle design specialist – the lack of any mention of the series by Rockstar suggests that if they’re working on the series, they’re focused on the sequel rather than a port of a now five year old game.

Join me next June as I hope in vain for the announcement of a sequel at E3 2016.


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