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NASA: Signs point to”flowing liquid water” on Mars

by Todd Haselton | September 28, 2015September 28, 2015 8:20 am PDT


Last week NASA promised that it had big news to share on Monday. Today, the space agency revealed a major Mars mystery has been solved: there’s evidence of “flowing liquid water” on the red planet, NASA said. What an awesome day for humanity

NASA scientists found that there are salts on Mars, known as perchlorates, that are preventing water from freezing at certain times of the year. NASA was able to notice “streaks” which it believes are actually places of flowing water, where the water has been prevented from freezing thanks to the salts. When temperatures get colder, the streaks vanish

“Something is hydrating these salts, and it appears to be these streaks that come and go with the seasons,” NASA’s Lujendra Ojha said. This means the water on Mars is briny, rather than pure. It makes sense, because salts lower the freezing point of water. Even if RSL are slightly underground, where it’s even colder than the surface temperature, the salts would keep the water in liquid form and allow it to creep down martian slopes.”

No word yet on any missions to prove this theory, but the evidence does indeed seem to be there.


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